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Nested Time An Astrological Autobiography

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In this book you have the opportunity to witness the harmonious medley of thoughts, both practical and esoteric, of an iconoclastic mind searching for meaning in a life dedicated to pushing back the frontiers of human knowledge. Nested Time is really two books in one. Arthur Young’s autobiographical narrative is intriguing, humane, and humorous. The astrological commentary can be read together with the main text, or separately as an extended meditation on this ancient sacred science.

In sidenotes and sidebars to the text, Arthur offers his speculations upon the astrological correlates to important events in his life. For readers interested in learning astrology, Appendix One provides a clear, concise exposition of its purpose, language, and techniques.

For those who have no interest in astrology, skipping over the sidenotes will not interfere with the flow of the narrative. I recommend, however, that you dip into this astrological material to savor the richness of Young’s philosophical reflections on fate and free will, the nature of relationship, the cycles that spin through our lives, and more.

Kathy Goss, Editor

376 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″
Softcover ISBN 0-892160-13-7, $18.95
Hardcover ISBN 1-892160-12-9, $34.95

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The Reflexive Universe Evolution of Consciousness

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Considered by Colin Wilson to be “one of the most important volumes of cosmology published in the past 25 years,” The Reflexive Universe discloses a common ground between mysticism and quantum physics, between esoteric thought and the teachings of modern science. In this, his major work, Arthur Young carefully integrates scientific laws with the evolution of consciousness and develops a seminal paradigm: that quantum physics restores the spiritual origins of existence by discovering that light — not matter — is fundamental.

293 pages
Softcover ISBN 1892160110, $18.95
Hardcover ISBN 1892160102, $24.95

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The Geometry of Meaning New Edition

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Arthur Young conceived of The Geometry of Meaning as an essay in philosophy, but philosophy in the older sense, encompassing the natural sciences, exploring the implications of science, and dealing with the relationship of the knower and the known. At the heart of this book is what he called the “Rosetta Stone of meaning,” a diagram of relationships based upon the twelve measure formulae of modern physics, which he used to describe the interaction of mind with matter.

293 pages
Softcover ISBN 1892160145, $15.95

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Which Way Out? and other essays

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Which Way Out? is a selection of thirteen essays by Arthur Young. The volume includes, Which Way Out?, Modern Idolatry, Toward a Life Science, Crossing the Psychic Sea, Where is God?, Time to Go Home, The Queen and Mr. Russell, Rotation, the Neglected Invariant, A Formalism For Philosophy, The Mind-Body Problem,Constraint and Freedom: An Ontology Based on the Study of Dimension, The Brain Scale of Dr. Brunler and A Letter to Dean Robert J. Jahn.

206 pages
ISBN 0-892160-03-X

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Mathematics, Physics and Reality Two essays

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According to Andrei Berezin of the Institute for Theoretical Problems in Moscow, Arthur Young’s work “ranks alongside the achievements of the world’s greatest thinkers.” Young has not only laid the basis for a cosmology which accounts for freedom, action and control in the formulations of physics, but, while developing this remarkable body of work, has pointed out that science is disconnected from reality. Though it purports to deal with a real world, science is actually limited to an ideal one. In these two essays, on the limits of mathematics and the absence of the third derivative in theoretical physics, Young confronts this limitation. He patiently objects to the phantasm of modern mathematical theory and brilliantly reveals the positive contribution of the third derivative. Mathematics, Physics and Reality is a unique work that shows how, despite historical advances, “the errors and misconceptions of science” keep it from dealing with life.

120 pages
ISBN 0-892160-07-2

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The Bell Notes A Journal from Physics to Metaphysics

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Arthur Young began private research on the helicopter in 1929. with the beginning of World War II he assigned his patents to Bell Aircraft and worked to develop and design the famous Bell Model 47, the first helicopter in the world to be awarded a commercial license. In 1984 the Model 47 was put on permanent exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Bell Notes is a diary kept by Young during the period 1945-1947. At this time he had begun a different, larger quest, a quest for the “psychopter” or the winged self. This was to be a spiritual rather than a technological struggle, one that would lead through Eastern philosophy, Jungian dream analysis, parapsychology and yoga. These explorations, as well as the day-to-day work on the helicopter, were recorded in several volumes from which the most significant and inspiring entries have been gathered into the present book.

205 pages
ISBN 0-892160-02-1

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Zodiac An Analysis of Symbolic Degrees

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Written by Eric Schroeder
Edited and Introduced by Arthur M. Young

Eric Schroeder (1904-1971) was for many years a curator of Near Eastern art at the Fogg Museum, Boston, had traveled in Persia, and had been a student of Coomaraswamy, the nonpareil of symbolism. He was also author of Muhammed’s People, a sympathetic and insightful account of a people form whom symbols are part of their lifeblood.

217 pages
ISBN 1- 892160-04-8

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Broadside Editions

The Foundations of Science The Missing Parameter

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This essay summarizes the thesis convincingly spelled out in Arthur Young’s The Reflexive Universe and The Geometry of Meaning. The realization that something is lacking in the scientific world view is widespread, but most critics fall back on generalizations. Young’s targeting is precise, his evidence detailed. Science, he demonstrates has failed to grasp the fundamental organizing role of the quantum of action, or photon, which has the measure formula of angular momentum and governs the countless cycles of actions through which cosmos and consciousness evolve. Examining contributions from Planck and Heisenberg, from Bateson, Bohm and Szent-Gyorgyi, Young provides an overview of the effects of quantum physics and the consciousness movement on the history of science.

26 pages
ISBN 0-892160-05-6

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Science and Astrology The Relationship Between the Measure Formulae and the Zodiac

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Science and Astrology is not an attempt to define or explain the zodiac or the formulae of physics but is an examination of the common foundation shared by both, an examination that holds regardless of the use or abuse of either. Of course, in our day and age, astrology wears the disguise of the bawdy courtesan, but there remains a solid basis in first principles. While founded on intuitive insight, these principles can be shown to correlate to those on which the measure formulae, the time-tested vocabulary of physical science, is based. Indeed, this correlation makes possible the hope, expressed in 1954 by L.L. Whyte in “The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science,” that the measure formulae should be expressed in terms of angle. Young also shows their applicability to life and evolution.

48 pages
ISBN 0-892160-06-4

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Theory of Process 1 Prelude – Search for a Paradigm

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Written by John S. Saloma and Ruth Forbes Young

New Age Paradigms
Describing the failure of science to provide guidance for the future or even to correctly interpret its own findings, Saloma lays the groundwork for readers to evaluate attempts to construct a viable paradigm. He declared that he has discovered such a vision in the theory of process, Arthur M. Young’s map of the design and purpose of evolution.
John S. Saloma received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1962 and was a professor of political science at M.I.T.

A Guide to ‘The Reflexive Universe
A radical alteration of perspective is difficult to communicate. This succinct essay by Ruth Forbes Young successfully captures the essence of the theory of process and can be used as a guide to attain a basic understanding of Young’s work.
A life-long student of consciousness, Ruth Forbes Young is the founder of the International Peace Academy.

38 pages
ISBN 0-892160-08-0

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Theory of Process 2 Major Themes in ‘The Reflexive Universe’

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Written by John S. Saloma

This Broadside contains two essays: “Commentary to the Theory of Process” and “Twentieth Century Reflections on the Nature of Deity.” These writings transcend ‘consciousness movement’ literature and present a metaparadigm of the future — Arthur M. Young’s theory of process. Saloma declares that only such a unifying world-view can answer the current needs of science while reinstating the moral and spiritual awareness of humanity to its rightful role in directing technological advance. After reading these essays, Young realized his indebtedness to Saloma not only for his creative exposition of the theory of process, but for his “remarkable understanding of its philosophical meaning. Just before his death, Jack dictated the second essay in which he points out that the implications of the theory are primarily spiritual”
John S. Saloma (1934-1983) was a staff member of Harvard’s Institute of Politics and the author of Congress and the New Politics.

50 pages
ISBN 0-892160-09-9

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