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An Excerpt from Arthur Young’s Introduction

When I first met Eric Schroeder I was impressed with his vigorous mind and free-ranging intellect, but I would not have dreamed of confiding to him my recently acquired interest in astrology, for Eric was a scholar, and like most academics would probably not approve of notions so contrary to modern enlightenment…

One of the books I was then reading… included a list of 360 symbols, one for each degree of the zodiac. These symbols appealed to me but disturbed my scientific sensibility even more than the better-known tenets of astrology… how could it possibly be that the zodiac, or circle of the heavens, could be divided into discrete degrees: wasn’t space a continuum? …the search for the answer to this question became the basis for my own book, The Geometry of Meaning

When I met Eric again, I told him I was puzzled over why different sets of symbols for the same degree should have such seemingly different meanings… in less than a year, he informed me that he had cracked the code of the symbols.

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Order Zodiac from Amazon $16.95