Arthur M. Young discusses various topics with Arthur Bloch. A wide-ranging, very casual and unedited interview. Recorded January 14, 1983.

Casual Discussion Part 1 of 6 (14:44)

Zen and the theory, Zen in science, Essence of the Buddha, Wheeler, Quantum of Action, Originality, Creativity, Novelty

Casual Discussion Part 2 of 6 (14:44)

Perceived time, Aging of cells, Longevity, Mortality, Time, Identity, Karma, Past lives, Dimensions, Depth

Casual Discussion Part 3 of 6 (13:20)

Depth, Surfaciality, Bergson, Directionality of Time, Novelty, Quantum of action, Phase, Learning Cycle, Angular Momentum

Casual Discussion Part 4 of 6 (12:32)

The Torus, Vortices, Topology, 4-color problem, The Whole/Hole

Casual Discussion Part 5 of 6 (11:18)

7 Colors, Veblen/Young, Postulates of projective geometry, Set of 7 Elements, Subsets of seven

Casual Discussion Part 6 of 6 (4:49)

2 pi, Circularity, Torus, Incorporation, Bringing it Home


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  • Producer/interviewer: Arthur Bloch
  • Principle camerawork: Mike Shedlin
  • Additional camerawork: Randy Elliott