The “Striped Shirt” interview with Arthur M. Young consists of 20 video clips, of which the most interesting ones have been starred and marked in orange. Recorded January 22, 1980.

01. “I used the journals way back…” (1:43)

On the use of journals. Journals took on a necessity when I started working on the helicopter.
Journal, Experiment

02. “In any case I carried on the journal work…” (1:08)

Journal use at Bell. Began to use journals for other thoughts – Gee whiz.
Journal, Bell Notes

03. “That reminds me the story of Nothing Sacred…” (3:06)*

Nothing Sacred story. Arthur’s dream revealing the secrets of the universe. The realm of inspiration is outside of time.

Sacred, Prayer, Dreams, Inspiration, Time

04. “The theory is the process by which whatever you call it…” (3:00)*

Theory is process of manifestation into substance, then form, then physical existence. Reason that dreams are so important in our lives. Example of dream of horses in chamoises.

Manifestation, Substance, Dreams, Symbolism

05. “When I say light I mean the entire electromagnetic spectrum…” (3:48)*

Light is the electromagnetic spectrum, but it is also enlightenment. Everything that happens is due to light. Pair creation. Light in myth. Mazda – God of light. St. Basel on the firmament – the speed of light. We are light going through this experience to gain more understanding.

Light, Realization, Myth, Photon, Firmament

06. “I would distinguish our thinking from our intuition…” (0:45)

Difference between thinking and intuition. Theory that dreams don’t use the brain.
Thinking, Intuition, Dreams

07. “The question of whether there’s a different source for different thoughts…” (1:20)

Where do ideas come from? Everything issues from a central source of light. Synchronicity comes from everywhere.
Thought, Ideas, Synchronicity

08. “I think that perhaps what’s more worth dwelling on…” (2:07)*

Domain of light is not subject to limitations. Dreams provide a language for the spirit. Dream example with MBM – film and refrigerator. Science tends to miss the meaning for the distracting elements in the picture.

Spirit, Dreams, Symbolism

09. “This is the question of stability…” (4:00)

Demonstration of types of stability using a simple airplane model. Instability as applied to society, e.g, between government, industry and the university. These should be working to correct one another. When they work together they create catastrophic instability.
Stability, Helicopter, Society

10. “Frances Farrelly. She was a…” (2:05)

Story of radionics experiments with Frances Farrelly. She tried to poison mice in order to heal them but they wouldn’t get sick.
Radionics, Experiment, Healing, Intention

11. “When I was back in Philadelphia I was going through my notes…” (3:02)*

The predicament of the helicopter in 1944, like the early bird that had wings but couldn’t fly. Survival of the fittest doesn’t explain the incubation period when the bird is learning to fly. It’s necessary to make an effort.

Helicopter, Evolution, Darwinism

12. “You asked me is rhythm the same as vibration…” (2:11)

The difference between rhythm and vibration. Rhythm is a something you participate in – vibration is external. Best understood as modulo and residue. (AB says rhythm is perceived over time while vibration is perceived instantaneously).
Rhythm, Vibration, Modulo/Residue

13. “Relativity would lead you to expect rotation to be relative…” (1:22)

Rotation as an absolute. Velocity is question of who is observing it – and hence relative. But if I get up and rotate I can’t claim that the universe rotated around me because it would mean that the stars would be traveling greater than the speed of light. Thus it is relativity itself that says that rotation is absolute.
Rotation, Relativity, Velocity

14. “What do we mean by science…?” (2:20)

Physics is the only science that deals with first principles. That’s why I have a quarrel with it. The photon is unique in that to see a photon is to annihilate it.
Physics, Science, First Principles, Photon, Photoelectric Effect

15. “Now everybody’s heard about black holes…” (1:31)

AY on black holes. Gravitons have spin 2. If light can’t radiate from black holes, how can gravitons radiate?
Black Holes, Gravitons

16. “For the most part I want to stick very closely to the findings of physics…” (3:36)

Physicist’s difficulty in explaining a force. You can’t see it, weigh it, isolate it, etc. So the scientist says it’s caused by a shower of particles. AY says it’s the other way around – the force is primary. Hugeness of forces.
Physics, Forces, Electromagnetic Force, Particles

17. “According to the theory what the universe really consist of…” (1:05)*

The universe is something infinite that droops down into objectivity and then sweeps back to the infinite.

Infinity, Universe

18. “Well, I have an essay in my forthcoming book called The Mind-Body Problem…” (5:55)

Summary of the mind-body problem essay. The four aspects applied to an automobile. Relation to Aristotle’s four causes. Four aspects applied to the mental world. The scientist’s approach as opposed to the infant’s approach.
Mind/Body Problem, Purpose, Aristotle’s Causes, Fourfold

19. “The scientist is anxious to find what the law is…” (1:17)

Difference between the scientist and the inventor. Scientist is trying to discover the law, the inventor is trying to get around the law.
Inventor, Scientist, Natural Law

20. “I suppose that’s one of the real troubles with the theory…” (1:17)

I’m often accused of answering questions that people aren’t asking. Theory provides answers. The questions will come later. Bacon quote about the mind.
Questions, The Theory, Mind


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  • Principle camerawork: Mike Shedlin
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