Arthur Young’s Theory of Process is a formal analytical tool, a model based on number theory, geometry and topology. It is also based on Young’s extensive study of traditional wisdom, Jungian archetypes, Theosophy, astrology, yoga, mythology and other modes of knowledge and insight. Young used this model to help comprehend and integrate a number of disciplines and areas of inquiry.

How one approaches the study of Young’s theory will depend on one’s predilections; for the more scientific and analytically minded, certain essays and books will appeal more than others. For those who are disinclined to the formal, analytic approach, other papers, videos and books will be more to your liking.

There is also an extensive collection of video and audio material available, including the Yoga of Thinking Video Archive, a free, online video library containing hundreds of video highlights of interviews and seminars.

The first resource for those seeking an introduction to the theory is the writings of Arthur Young, These include his books and his essays, a selection of which are included in their entirety.

Another place to look (strongly recommended) is the work of John Saloma, Ph.D. Two excerpts can be found here:

A comprehensive essay contained in its entirety is from Dr. Frank Barr:

A number of videos were produced to introduce the Theory of Process, including teaching videos prepared by Arthur Young.

The Reflexive Universe Documentary

The Reflexive Universe Documentary is a 56-minute documentary about the life and work of Arthur M. Young. It contains rare early helicopter footage, interviews with Young and his associates, an illustrated narrative introduction to the Theory of Process and much wit and wisdom.

Watch The Reflexive Universe Documentary

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