The Hypersphere
Colorful, flexible seven-fold model of Arthur Young’s Reflexive Universe.

Meru Foundation
Linking the origins of the Hebrew alphabet with the findings of modern physics, for a start.

Thinking Allowed Television Series and Video Collection
A national public television series and extensive video library — featuring leading writers and explorers in consciousness research, psychology, philosophy, personal and spiritual development, health and healing, etc.

Bell Helicopter
The official webpage of Bell Helicopter. Includes history of Arthur Young’s Model 47, photos and other items of interest.

Helicopter History Site
Comprehensive history of the helicopter from Da Vinci to the present.

Are There Cyphers in Shakespeare?
One of Arthur Young ‘s favorite subjects was the authorship of the Shakespeare plays. An ardent Baconian, he was a student of the cyphers.

Sir Francis Bacon’s New Advancement of Learning

Dr. Kenneth Pelletier
Alternative medicine — what works and what doesn’t.