Anodos Foundation was established in memory of Arthur M. Young in 1995. Young was an inventor and philosopher who developed a unique, comprehensive, meta-paradigm that is capable of integrating the facts produced by the sciences and also includes first cause and consciousness. His Theory of Process provides a practical, holistic, perspective that can orient and guide further scientific, social, and individual development.

Young recognized that technological advances have propelled society beyond its ability to cope with negative effects of progress, and that science provides no moral guidance to control its own growth. In 1972, he wrote: “The very devices man has invented for the control of nature now appear to have gotten out of hand and pose threats to his survival more serious than those of nature. Pollution of the environment, overpopulation, the possibility of atomic warfare, are threats that are consequences of man’s own actions and have created new problems that he must solve. Man must exercise vision and take into account his limited ability to assume the responsibilities that nature has hitherto borne, whose extent and subtlety we are only beginning to appreciate.”

To symbolize the organization’s goals, we selected a name and an image invoking the Arc of Process, Arthur Young’s model of a fundamental dynamic in his cosmology. This is a three-phase process consisting of a compulsive/unconscious descent from unlimited freedom into matter, a turning point, and a purposive ascent back to freedom, or Light. Young is not alone in this vision. Ancient philosophies portray similar scenarios. Perhaps most familiar to western societies is Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in which the ascent out of the darkness is called Anodos, “the way up.”

Board of Directors 2024

  • Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier
  • Nancy Clemens
  • Joan L. Schleicher (Executive Director)


To ensure that Arthur Young’s philosophy remains available to the public:

  • By publishing his books and videos
  • By maintaining a website devoted to his work
  • By archiving his journals, papers and correspondence.
  • To build upon Young’s ideas by supporting applications of the Theory of Process to current needs in science and society through research, education, and consultation.


Six months after Arthur Young’s death on May 30, 1995, his associates Kenneth Pelletier and Joan Schleicher incorporated Anodos Foundation. The foundation acquired IRS status as a public non-profit organization in April 1996 and became fully operative in 1997 when it assumed responsibility for publishing and distributing Young’s books and also launched the biannual Arthur M. Young Award program. In 1998 and 2000, Anodos invited submissions and received a wide range of entries for the Award. A committee of peers evaluated all submissions and selected winners. Each Award was presented at a special colloquium hosted by the foundation. Although the Award yielded fruitful results, it had to be discontinued owing to an IRS ruling in 2001 that the foundation was a private operating foundation; giving awards and grants was outside its scope. Since then, Anodos has undertaken other activities in fulfillment of its mission.



Arthur Young bequeathed his literary estate to his wife, Ruth Forbes Young, who entrusted this legacy to Anodos Foundation. By 1999, all documentary materials from Young’s homes in Pennsylvania and California had been delivered to Anodos. We are cataloguing this archive of books, papers, and correspondence, and have published some of these materials in books and magazine articles. Recently, we completed the creation of a high-quality digitized copy of the entire contents of Young’s bound notebooks. These handwritten journals, comprising more than 45,000 pages, document the development of his mechanical inventions and his cosmology, his encounters with seminal thinkers, and his private musings.


The foundation established Anodos Publications in order to distribute Young’s books, produce new editions of his titles, and to publish new books, such as his astrological autobiography Nested Time (2004).


The richly informative website,, was initiated, designed, and implemented by Arthur Bloch in January 1996. He remains the manager of the site, and Anodos is proud to be its sponsor. Under contract with Anodos, Bloch created the Yoga of Thinking Video Archive. Selecting short clips from the hundreds of hours of unedited footage he had filmed of Young discussing his work, Bloch produced over fifteen hours of videos of Arthur Young at his best. By 2007, these segments were indexed, captioned, and available for viewing on the website and YouTube.


As a private operating foundation, Anodos administrates in-house projects. We do not offer grants. Our projects apply the Theory of Process to current challenges in science and society. In 2001, Anodos sponsored The Resonance Project, managed by Nassim Haramein, which produced a major paper on a torus-based unified theory. Ongoing is the Water Project, an exploration of the implications of the theory’s Second Level for studies in consciousness.


Anodos serves as a resource for students, researchers, and authors who request assistance in interpreting or applying the Theory of Process, and also those who seek historical documentation related to Arthur Young’s career as the inventor of the Bell Helicopter. Collaborating with the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in 2003, Anodos helped design and produce the Theory of Process Poster as a teaching tool. In 2011, when Rotocraft Professional magazine wished to feature Arthur M. Young in their “Pioneers” series, Anodos contributed editorial assistance and rare photographs from the archives to the article.

More about Anodos

Ancient Greek philosophy describes a three-stage cosmological process:

  • Proodos – “Descent” of spirit into material, mortal existence.
  • Epistrophe – The Fall of matter ends in a “turning point,” an awakening.
  • Anodos – “Ascent.”

In 20th century cosmology, the three phases of the cycle of creation are represented in the symbol of the “Arc” of the theory of process. The Arc is the logo of Anodos Foundation.

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