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Arthur Young’s books like Nested Time, The Reflexive Universe and The Geometry of Meaning can now be ordered from Anodos Foundation through Amazon.


Arthur M. Young Videos

The Yoga of Thinking Video Archive is an immediate and exciting way to see Arthur Young explaining his ideas in his own words.

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Theory of Process Poster

The Institute for the Study of Consciousness is pleased to announce the creation of a definitive poster of Arthur M. Young’s Theory of Process.


Arthur M. Young – The Bell Notes

Tonight I saw Henry Fifth –a moving picture. I confess that, in Henry’s incognito stroll through the camp on the night before the battle, I saw my own walks among the army working now on the helicopter…


Science and Astrology

The neatest trick of modern physics was achieved by Eddington in his unification of relativity and quantum physics…


Zodiac by Eric Schroeder

When I first met Eric Schroeder I was impressed with his vigorous mind and free-ranging intellect, but I would not have dreamed of confiding to him my recently acquired interest in astrology.


The Foundations of Science

The layman may feel that quantum physics is beyond his competence. He is not alone in this; many scientists are intimidated by this subject, especially by its complex formulae.