“Arthur Young is not only a man of profound insight and understanding; he is also a master communicator with a genius for expressing difficult concepts simply.”

Huston Smith
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, M.I.T.
author, Forgotten Truth, Religions of Man

“In Arthur Young’s work we see a pioneering modern attempt to reclaim the world of inner facts as a world of equal reality to the world of outer facts.”

Jacob Needleman
Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University
author, The Heart of Philosophy

“Arthur Young was one of those people about whom one could say that we are proud to have been with on the planet at the same time. The depth and breadth of his thought, the immense reach of his heart and compassion belongs in the annals of the great and the good. I for one was always astonished at how freely he gave of himself, his ideas and his substance.”

Jean Houston
author, Search for the Beloved, The Possible Human

“The Reflexive Universe is an extraordinary and fascinating work. . . . a breath-taking experience. . . . Probably one of the most important volumes of cosmology that has been published in the past twenty-five years.”

Colin Wilson
author, The Outsider, Mysteries

“As Copernicus initiated a profound transformation of the ancient world, this paradigm establishes the basis of a science of consciousness with implications of comparable magnitude.”

Kenneth R. Pelletier
Clinical Psychologist, University of California, S.F.
author, Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer

“Arthur M. Young is, in my opinion, the greatest theoretical genius since Einstein. But while only a handful of physicists could truly understand Einstein, almost any intelligent person can understand–and be entertained, stimulated and astonished by–the kaleidoscopic mind of Arthur Young. As he pushes science beyond science, we feel our heavy wheels lift off the ground.”

Tom Robbins
author, Another Roadside Attraction, Still Life With Woodpecker

“We are fortunate to have in Arthur Young a man of real knowledge. He is someone who has begun to show the relationships between physics and metaphysics, between expanded human consciousness and direct perception of cosmic structure.”

Gay Gaer Luce, Ph.D.
author, Body Time

“Arthur Young’s work has successfully established a foundation where western technology and eastern philosophy meet.”

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Head Lama, Nyingma Institute

“Arthur Young’s theory of process represents one of the most exciting concepts I have encountered during my intellectual life. My appreciation of it as a scientific meta-paradigm of the future has been increasing rapidly as I become more intimately acquainted with it.

Stanislav Grof, M.D.
author, Realms of the Human Unconscious, Beyond the Brain

“The breadth and depth of Arthur Young’s intellect is like a searchlight into the deeper meaning of scientific findings.”

Kathering Whiteside Taylor, Ph.D.
Jungian psychotherapist, teacher and author

“Arthur Young’s probing view of the world is both entertaining and stimulating. It causes us to question our own belief system as well as that of the academic authorities.”

Chris Bird
author, The Diving Hand
co-author, The Secret Life of Plants
Arthur M. Young (1905 – 1995)