The “Red Scarf” interview with Arthur M. Young consists of 11 video clips, of which the most interesting ones have been starred and marked in orange. Recorded January 13, 1983.

01. “The theory surprises me…” (3:05)*

Theory is way of communicating without language. Provides a procedure – makes a diagram – for understanding relationships. Relationships involve “space” in a fundamental way. Allows for the other aspects.

Theory, Space, Relationships

02. “Science began with a way to formulate things…” (3:27)

For experimental purposes, science assumes that things are objective. But this automatically excludes life. Life interferes with the Laws by using them to accomplish it’s purpose. All life is based on this possibility – the Turn.
Science, Laws, Objectivity, Experimental process, The Turn

03. “I think most of our trouble comes because we’ve gotten away from something that’s perfectly natural…” (4:55)*

Analysis gets in the way of understanding. It’s not the final word. Theory emphasizes wholeness, while science does not. Central issue of process is to get to a goal, which is accomplished via stages.

Analysis, Purpose, Process, Life

04. “When I tried to study process I got my major inspiration from nature…” (3:58)

The universe is for self-knowing. It can’t know itself without a means. Each kingdom exists to develop the principles they represent. Atoms, molecules, plants, animals. Process of nature makes final step in man with our infinite goals.
Kingdoms, Universe, Human evolution

05. “One difficulty that might come up with the theory…” (1:38)*

Defining a purpose. Purpose is self-renewing, which is the essence of life. Never achieves its goal.


06. “One of the major characteristics of human beings is the belief in something greater than themselves…” (4:10)*

Belief in higher power is universal, but for modern man the thing that is greater than ourselves is Science. Science must not become dogma. Bacon – science should deal with secondary causes. But science is going beyond this to primary causes. We look to science for spiritual answers that it cannot provide.

Belief, Science, Religion, Primary causes

07. “Lawrence LeShan and others have pointed out the similarities between mystics and modern science…” (6:07)*

Theory allows science to contribute to spiritual teachings. Myths tell us truths but we can’t translate them into modern terms. Virgin birth – symbol of first cause. Evolution must come from within. Life – and spiritual evolution – begin at the Turn. Photon is essentially a spiritual element. Theory can help understand spirituality and can get science closer to the truth.

Science/Spirituality, Myth, Virgin Birth, The Turn, Photon

08. “There are other than physical aspects of totality…” (0:55)

Scientific laws are not matter. Opposite matter is need. Opposite to law is curiosity. Uncertainty principle.
Science, Aspects, Opposites, Uncertainty principle

09. “Russian scientists always have an incantation to Marxist dialectic…” (2:58)

Biology books always exclude the important questions: What is Life? What are we here for? Purpose of life is that which makes it want to evolve. Non-objectivity is part of the Theory.
Important questions, Objectivity

10. “In my work with helicopter models…” (2:44)

Helicopter instability required the introduction of stabilizer bar, which takes orients itself to the remote stars – the artificial horizon. North pole once worshiped as the throne of god – your ultimate reference.
Helicopter Instability, Orientation, God

11. “I think it’s only fair to say the Theory is not exactly a scientific theory…” (5:49)*

Theory is an interpretation of science. Reading the message of science. Forces and space/time for example are more understandable in human terms than in scientific terms. Purpose in cosmology. Principle of identity of atoms and immune system.

Interpreting science, Bacon, Forces, Space/Time


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  • Producer/interviewer: Arthur Bloch
  • Principle camerawork: Mike Shedlin
  • Additional camerawork: Randy Elliott