Arthur M. Young discusses various topics with Dick Curtis and Jack Saloma. This interview consists of 13 video clips, of which the most interesting ones have been starred and marked in orange. Recorded January 22, 1980.

01. “Science must be wrong…” (1:34)

Science must have missed something if it couldn’t account for psychic phenomena. Billiard paradigm is inadequate. Who’s playing the billiards?
Science, Materialism, Paradigm Shift

02. “One version of my book…” (1:08)

Scientists and their particles like monkeys throwing coconuts.
Science, Particles

03. “If you go still earlier in the myths…” (2:28)

How did the ancients get their knowledge. Intuition, or teachings of earlier ancients. Science has lost its grasp of the whole.
Myth, Intuition, Knowledge, The Ancients

04. “What is the issue? Wholism?” (4:02)

Wholism is related to the principle of correspondence – as above, so below. Six circles fit perfectly around a seventh – basis for modular mathematics. Theory of process is an analytical or surfacial method and corresponds to the circle model – equivalent to the torus.
Wholism, Correspondence, Analysis, Surface

05. “The real strength of the argument about soul…” (1:59)*

How is it possible for anything to be destroyed. Science is accustomed to things that can’t be destroyed – energy, mass, charge. Only things that are constructed can be de-constructed. Like the elementary particles, the Soul is the substance out of which things are formed.

Soul, Survival, Conservation Principle, Substance

06. “Behavior is quite different from design…” (1:34)*

Map or instructions can be encoded in DNA. Complex behavior cannot. Animal actions cannot be mapped.

Behavior, Design, DNA, Instinct

07. “The human starts with the group soul…” (2:53)

Humans start with a group soul and learn to individuate, which doesn’t happen until the sixth substage of the human – beyond us. Ego is important for this evolution. Spirit uses soul as its vehicle of experience.
Group Soul, Evolution, Individuation, Ego, Spirit

08. “Max Jammer takes the concept of mass…” (1:24)

The concept of “mass” traces back to the holy communion. Central point of Christianity is that we come down here for a purpose, to get experience that prepares us for heaven.
Mass, Incorporation, Christianity

09. “Now you say that we’re at the 4th substage…?” (3:07)*

Mahatma Letters say that we don’t have a soul yet. Distinction between Soul 1 and Soul 2. What persists between our incarnations? Karma is not necessarily compulsive. Evolution is to free ourselves.

Soul, Human Evolution, Reincarnation, Karma, Jack Schwartz

10. “Society doesn’t have to get better for things in general to be better…” (1:14)

Old souls versus young souls. Current morons are young souls who weren’t around in the Renaissance.
Society, Reincarnation, Souls

11. “Consider the setting in ancient Egypt…” (1:13)

Slaves in Egypt are now driving their own cars and making their own decisions. The automobile is greatest invention in giving people free choice.
Evolution, Self-Determination, Free Choice

12. “In order for evolution to be sustained you’d have to have a continuing succession of problems…” (2:24)

President should be the dumbest person around. If the president always did the right thing nobody would learn anything. Individual evolution is what’s important. This is ignored in contemporary theories of evolution.
Evolution, Society, Politics, Learning

13. “One of the confusions is knowing thyself…?” (2:02)

Both self and society are devices. Withdrawal is fine, but it could get boring.
Self & Society, Ego, Isolation


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  • Producer: Arthur Bloch
  • Principle camerawork: Mike Shedlin
  • Additional camerawork: Randy Elliott