The essential Arthur
is a man in a chair in the corner
Sunlight streaming
onto a big black notebook
held in his lap
Dapper in a checked jacket
A handkerchief tucked in his pocket
He insists on a special pen
to write in an elegant spidery hand
His only weapon
to storm the trenches of authority
to shatter illusory icons of science
to penetrate mysteries
shrouded by edict from view

Great soul
Brave warrior
Friend and teacher
He is returned
into the light

The essential Arthur
is a man with a model in a suitcase
A circle of engineers in a hangar
applaud as the strange contraption
rises in wingless flight
A hardy and physical man
His practical hands harnessing Newton’s horses
to take us to perfect freedom
Testing whether the laws of nature
are sufficiently strong to support
a science of spirit

The essential Arthur
is a man with a model of consciousness
that traces the spark
through its evolutionary arc
Who dares to weave together
the truth of myth
the powers of planets
the secrets of circle and torus
all in his Grid
Unlocking the door
with the same key that locked it
and passing us the key

Wise soul
Great teacher
He is returned
into the light
His life and work
remain as a beacon

The essential Arthur
grins at his jokes
and chews up chalk
to demonstrate the distinction
between form and substance
Is reticent about feelings
yet unashamed to weep
at the eloquent beauty of order
The mystic architecture
through which the green fuse drives
On what an amazing quest he has led us
Descending through the prison of matter
to show us the path to dominion
through the quantum of action
the trigger of life

Dear friend
Great soul
We thank you
We release you
into the light

Kathy Goss
from Cities of Antarctica
Darwin, Petroglyph Press (1998)