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The Theory of Process

Arthur Young's Theory of Process is a formal analytical tool, a model based on number theory, geometry and topology. It is also based on Young's extensive study of traditional wisdom, Jungian archetypes, Theosophy, astrology, yoga, mythology and other modes of knowledge and insight. Young used this model to help comprehend and integrate a number of disciplines and areas of inquiry.

How one approaches the study of Young's theory will depend on one's predilictions; for the more scientific and analytically minded, certain essays and books will appeal more than others. For those who are disinclined to the formal, analytic approach, other papers, tapes and books will be more to your liking.

Introduction to the Theory

The first resource for those seeking an introduction to the theory is the writings of Arthur Young, These include his books, which are all excerpted here, and his essays, a selection of which are included in their entirety.

There is also an extensive collection of video and audio material available, including the new Yoga of Thinking Video Archive, a free, on-line video library containing hundreds of video highlights of previously unreleased interviews and seminars.

Another place to look--strongly recommended-- is the work of John Saloma, Ph.D. Two excerpts are found here:
  • The Theory of Process 1: Search for a Paradigm
  • The Theory of Process 2: Major Themes in the Reflexive Universe

    A comprehensive essay contained here in its entirety is Dr. Frank Barr's
  • The Theory of Evolutionary Process as a Unifying Paradigm

    A number of videotapes were produced to introduce the Theory of Process, including these teaching tapes prepared by Arthur Young:
  • The Reflexive Universe
  • The Geometry of Meaning
  • Why Seven?

    Applications of the Theory

  • The "Big Questions" --Applying the Theory of Evolutionary Process
    by Frank Barr, M.D.
  • The Sibbet/Le Saget Stages of Organization Model by David Sibbet.
    Winner of the 1998 Arthur M. Young Award
  • On Process Management and Organizational Theory by David Sibbet.
    (The Award Winning Application)
  • Theory of Process as Applied to Organizations and Business
    by Ben Badenoch and Louise Lacey
  • The Theory of Evolutionary Process as a Unifying Paradigm
    by Frank Barr, M.D.
  • Mending the Sacred Hoop: Integrating the Theory with Native American Mythology
    by Little Bear and Hummux
  • Applications of the Theory of Process to the Work of the Meru Foundation
    by Stan Tenen

    Encountering the Theory

    Mike Buchele, M.D.

    Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, on staff at John Muir Health, Concord Campus, California

    Jack Engstrom

    President, The Institute for the Study of Consciousness, founded by Arthur M. Young

    Kathy Goss

    writer, editor, poet, musician

    Joan Schleicher

    Director, Anodos Foundation

    David Sibbet

    President and Founder
    The Grove Consultants International

    Bob Whitehouse, Ed.D.

    Licensed Psychologist & Biofeedback Specialist

    Arthur M. Young

    excerpt from Nested Time


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