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Founded by Arthur M. Young in 1972, the Institute for the Study of Consciousness ("ISC") continues to use the Theory of Process ("TOP") as a paradigm to orient our global cultures to our current evolutionary turning point in a way that integrates the achievements of materialist determinism within the larger context of the transcendent human freedom.

Board of Directors:

Jack Engstrom
S. U. 129
Maharishi University of Management
Phone Number: 641-469-5243
Voicemail: 641-469-2717

Chris Paine
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Michael Buchele, MD
PO Box 398
ORINDA, CA 94563-0398

Currently there are no public events, but keep checking here for updates. We will post upcoming events as they arise.

In the near future, we will be making presentations about aspects and applications of the Theory of Process of Arthur M. Young, including the work of Frank Barr, MD, to apply Arthur's Theory to the entire biological realm (from biochemistry, through cellular biology, embryology and tissue differentiation, through human evolution and the formation of the brain, and through the perception of Consciousness itself). Dr. Barr refers to this as the "Theory of BioProcess." These talks will generally be given around the San Francisco Bay Area, but also around the country as invitations to speak develop. If you or your group would like a speaker to talk about the basics of the Theory of Process (as outlined in Arthur Young's books "The Reflexive Universe" and the "Geometry of Meaning," among others), please contact ISC at the above address with information about your venue.

The ISC is currently involved in the creation of a "Poster Project", the purpose of which is to develop a convenient pocket-sized folded "poster" which, as it unfolds, reveals the depths of the Theory of Process ("TOP") from a Level I "Inspiration" through a Level II "emotivation" (with a brief history of Arthur Young and the Bell Helicopter), through a Level III depiction of the 4-Fold and the 7-Stages and the "Grid", through a Level IV which depicts applications of the Theory by various researchers across the country, as well as references of Arthur's books, websites, groups (such as Anodos and the online Arthur Young discussion e-mail group,, etc. We invision this as the ultimate "tool" to have with you when you suddenly get the urge to tell someone about the Theory and its power, and all you have available is the tablecloth, your pen, and some napkins. When this "tool" is finished, you will be able to have a coherent, beautiful, succinct, and accessible "data base" about TOP at your fingertips.

Of course, in the process of developing this "poster," we will be developing a "Website" version that you will be able to download to your computer or Palm Pilot, so that you can always have this information available to you via the Internet.

If you have suggestions for text or graphics, or if you have applications of the TOP that can be illustrated in a 7-stage 4-fold level graphic, if you have computer graphic expertise and would like to donate some time to improve a "beta"-test version of the poster, or if you know of other people who would like to help us in this project with your time, talents, or funding, please contact ISC at the above address.

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