Anodos Foundation is pleased to announce than a biannual award of $15,000 will be presented in recognition of an outstanding contribution towards the practical application of the theory of process, as expressed in Arthur Young's two books, The Reflexive Universe and The Geometry of Meaning.

In order to qualify for consideration, please address the following issues in your submissions:  1. What current need in science or society is served by your project?  2. How have you applied the theory of process in your project?  3. What evidence attests to the success of your work in fulfilling the need?  4. How is your work being utilized by others in educating or training others in the work, and/or in creating products derived from and demonstrative of your work such as tools, techniques, systems, models, literature, audio/video materials? Describe other potential uses and applications of your work.  Please compose your submissions as simply and briefly as possible. Essays should be 3,000 words or less, and audio/video presentations should be no longer than 60 minutes duration. These can be used alone to present your project, or can be accompanied by illustrative materials such as graphics, models, published literature, computer programs, etc.

To have your work considered for the 2000 Award, please mail your materials before September 21, 2000 to Anodos Foundation.

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